“Near Me Now” Now Available for iPhone

The Google Mobile team has a new feature available for iPhone users. It’s their new “Near Me Now” feature built right into It takes advantage of Location Services to locate restaurants, coffee shops, etc near you!

This new feature is great because now when you search for places, it’ll take advantage of your location and show relevant results near you first. There’s also an “Explore Right Here” option to show you what is around you (similar to the app My Nearest).

“Near me now” is currently available in the US for iPhone (OS 3.x) or Android-powered devices with version 2.0.1 or later. You must first enable location in order for “Near me now” to appear, and “Explore right here” works only if the phone provides location accuracy within approximately a city block.

Give this a test and let us know how well it works for you. Just launch Safari on your iPhone, and then go to Props to the Google Mobile team for constantly updating Google features on the iPhone (Google Reader’s interface was slightly updated too a while ago). I didn’t get a chance to try this outdoors, where I would’ve gotten a more accurate GPS signal to test out the “Explore Right Here” feature.

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