Google Drive to Launch Next Week with 5GB of Free Storage to Rival Dropbox [Update]

We’ve long heard whispers of free online storage being offered by Google, but now The Next Web is reporting a free service is set to launch next week. Google Drive will offer 5GB of free online storage, and would set to rival Dropbox (which currently offers 2GB of free online storage) primarily and even attempt to put a dent into Apple’s iCloud:

The short story? 5 GB of storage, and it launches next week, likely on Tuesday at

Now let’s talk details. It’s no surprise that it will roll out for free. What’s interesting though is that Google is planning to start everyone with 5 GB of storage. Of course you can buy more, but that trumps Dropbox’s 2 GB that is included with every account.

Google Drive is set to work in desktop folders on both Mac and Windows, just like Dropbox. Another free storage option, and this time it is from Google. Their product launches seem to always have some sort of kinks (think: Google Plus, Gmail for iOS, etc) so let’s hope Google Drive comes as advertised.

It was revealed last year that back in the Winter of 2009, the founders of Dropbox turned down a ‘nine digit offer’ from Steve Jobs and Apple.

What would make you want to switch away from Dropbox and use Google Drive instead? Does it come down to a trust issue of Google versus Dropbox, or integration with your devices (ie iOS devices, Mac/PC, etc)?

Update 1: TechCrunch has also gotten their hands on the Mac version of Google Drive, but it is unable to connect to Google at this time.