Google Hire Recruiting Platform Launches in Canada

Google hire canada

Google Hire launched back in early 2017 in the USA, and now it’s available in Canada starting today. This marks the first international rollout for Google Hire.

The recruiting app for G Suite allows businesses to easily manage their hiring process, from identifying potential candidates to setting up interviews.

With Google Hire, businesses can recruit employees faster, while the app seamlessly integrates with Gmail, syncs to Calendar, uses Google Sheets to analyze data and also Google Voice for easy calls.

Businesses will be able to post jobs to multiple jobs sites with Google Hire, which also launched today in the UK.

Canadian digital firm Mirego used Google Hire and said it “improved our candidate workflow overall. Our internal process with the reviewees and evaluations is more efficient and there is less interviewers bias that we are seeing in the feedback. Hire also helps nurture candidates for some of our more strategic roles.”

Google Hire is available for Canadian businesses starting at $100 per month for 1-25 G Suite Licenses.