Google Launches YouTube Movies in Canada to Compete with Netflix and iTunes

Google has announced the launch of YouTube Movies, a streaming entertainment service in Canada to compete against the likes of Netflix Canada and iTunes. Movies will be available to rent for $4-5 per movie, with 30 days to begin watching it and 48 hours to finish. Earlier this year, Google launched YouTube Movies in the US. The library has roughly 3000 titles of films and independent movies at launch.

Just navigate to and you will see titles listed for $4.99 CDN. The library resembles Netflix, but with more new releases and selection. Customers will have to decide whether paying $8/month for Netflix (you can also try this trick to get access to the US Netflix library with your Netflix Canada account) is worth it compared to $4.99 for one title. If you miss ‘renting a movie’ than maybe YouTube Movies is the way to go.

Who’s going to give YouTube Movies a chance? Is this going to be the next best thing, or just another Google product launch that will fade away?