Google Maps Causes 29% Spike in iOS 6 Adoption Says MoPub Ad Network

Early reports by Chitika noted no significant changes (only a 0.2% increase) when it came to iOS 6 adoption rates over two days after the release of Google Maps for iOS, which was released on a Wednesday.

Now, according to the MoPub mobile ad network, which covers more impressions and a wider range of networks than Chitika, their data shows a 29% jump in iOS 6 adoption rates over the weekend. MoPub’s CEO told TechCrunch:

“we observed since the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 a 30 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users, and we think it’s related to Google Maps. It verifies the hypothesis that people were actually holding back to upgrade until Google Maps was available.”

The data definitely makes sense as some people I know avoided updating to iOS 6 over the fiasco with Apple Maps. With the release of Google Maps, these users felt it was ‘safe’ enough to finally upgrade to iOS 6 and enjoy the new array of features that came with it.

Did the release of Google Maps finally make you update to iOS 6?