Google Maps for iOS Will Let You Drive as Nintendo’s Mario on March 10

With Mario Day set for March 10 (because Mar10 spells ‘Mario’), there are many ways to celebrate your favourite character from Nintendo’s line up. You could get Super Mario Run for iOS for 50% off, or you could ‘drive’ as Mario in Google Maps, according to the an update rolling out today.

According to a blog post by Munish Dabas, UX Engineer at Google Maps, an update rolling out today will bring Mario to Google Maps users on iOS and Android.

After users install the latest Google Maps update, when searching for directions, a new yellow “?” box prompt will show in the bottom right, next to ‘Start’. Once you tap this, you’ll be prompted with “Oh yeah! Mario time!”, which will let you “navigate your world as Mario to celebrate Mario Day on March 10th.”

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This new feature will turn your navigation arrow into Mario while you drive. Google says the feature is rolling out globally to Maps users today and will last for one week.

This is pretty cool. Let us know once you start seeing this update!