Google Introduces New ‘Smart Albums’ for Google Photos


Google is debuting a new ‘Smart Albums’ feature for Google Photos from today, which will automatically suggest a new album for you after an event or a trip, curated with your best shots. In addition, Google Photos will also add maps to show how far you traveled and location pins to remember where you went, thus making it easier to search though your photo albums.

Remember the last time you went on a trip or had a fun weekend? You probably took photos and videos—lots of them—but didn’t do much beyond posting a couple on social media. Maybe you thought about making an album to share with your family or friends, but picking out the best photos and organizing them can feel as fun as unpacking your suitcase—so more often than not, they just sit on your phone or computer. Starting today, after an event or trip, Google Photos will suggest a new album for you.

Users can also can add text captions to a Smart Album, such as describing the view from the small hill they climbed, and even turn on collaboration to let others add their own photos to the same album. Furthermore, if you want to create a Smart Album yourself, simply select any existing album and customize it with maps, location pins, and text.

The new feature is rolling out now on the web, iOS and Android apps. You can grab the official app using the following App Store link:

Download Google Photos for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]