Google Expands ‘Google News Initiative’ in Canada for YouTube

Google is expanding its Google News Initiative in Canada, with a focus on YouTube.

According to a new blog post, the search engine and tech giant is admitting a number of Canadian journalists into its program that helps individuals working in the profession independently the tools they need to succeed, as well as adding a new show to its support network:

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more people turn to YouTube every day to get their news. We want to connect our community to authoritative, trustworthy content, and believe we have a responsibility to support innovation and a sustainable ecosystem. That’s why we work alongside news organizations from around the world–both through our products that help news partners reach audiences and monetize their video content, as well as through grants and training programs as part of the Google News Initiative.

We’re committed to supporting the future of journalism, and that means continuing to create opportunities for the industry to harness the latest technology and techniques for growth on YouTube. In April, we opened applications for two new programs focused on supporting the next generation of reporters and newsrooms. We’re excited to announce today the selection of nearly 50 independent journalists from around the world and over 40 digital-first newsrooms across the programs.

Google’s Creator Program for Independent Journalists “aims to give the growing number of reporters publishing independently the tools needed to succeed on YouTube.” This year, two Canadian journalists are being admitted into the program.

Anushree Dave is the first, who reports about science and aspires to create content for YouTube that focuses on science, technology, and society. The second, Muhammad Lila, is a former warzone correspondent that now specializes in spreading stories of hope and courage in the face of conflict.

Additionally, Google’s Sustainability Lab for Digital-First Newsrooms, which supports digital newsrooms’ expansions and video operations, had added “The Brandon Gonez Show” to its roster. The weekly online show provides both local and national news.

“Being an independent journalist allows me to set the editorial direction of our platform and focus on people who are left out of the conversation,” Brandon Gonez explained. “Starting The Brandon Gonez Show has allowed my team and me to fill that gap and ensure that more voices have a microphone to amplify their stories. Joining the Youtube program can really help to create a strong foundation and lead to massive growth. That growth can easily translate to more impact and greater results for the stories and people we cover.”

You can read more about the selected participants for the Creator Program here and for the Sustainability Lab here.