Google Project Zero Researcher to Join Apple to Improve iOS Security

According to a Reddit thread and his Twitter feed, well-known security researcher and vulnerability sleuth Brandon Azad (previously of Google’s Project Zero), will soon be joining the Apple Security team.

Project Zero is a band of security researchers at Google working to find, study, and disclose security vulnerabilities in both the hardware and the software used by the public today. Azad happens to be one of the finest minds behind this operation.

The name Brandon Azad might ring a bell for those who excitedly sift through the update notes every time they install an iOS update (who doesn’t?). You see, Azad was credited for many of the fixed vulnerabilities and issues listed in the Security section of the update notes for iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, and even iOS 14!

Project Zero was created by Google, but it did a lot more than just test Google products for lapses in security. The folks behind Project Zero dedicated themselves to testing and fortifying the security of any product today’s end-user could get their hands on, and Azad was at the forefront of the iOS side of things.

While Google will surely feel the loss of a bright, brilliant mind, Apple has picked up an excellent addition to its roster of Geniuses. Azad starts at Apple next week, and he will be focusing his efforts on Apple device security.