Google Teases 5 New Chrome Features Coming to iPhone and iPad

Chrome ios features

Google says new features are coming to Chrome for iOS and iPadOS in its next release and on Thursday, detailed five new features that are on the way.

Enhanced Safe Browsing is now coming to iPhone and iPad, which proactively warns users if a web page is dangerous. The feature also notifies users if their username and passwords have been compromised in a third-party breach when they enter credentials into a website.

Google Password Manager will now be able to be setup as your Autofill provider in Chrome, so you can quickly create, store and fill passwords on your iPhone and iPad.

Also coming is the addition of “Return to Recent Tab” feature in Chrome on iOS, allowing you to visit your last opened tab. Google says it will also be easier to start a new search or visit your frequently visited websites. The recent tab feature will soon expand to Android.

Website translation will soon be faster, as one-device machine learning will now “accurately figure out the language of the page you’re visiting, and whether it needs to be translated to match your preferences.”

Last but not least, Chrome Actions on iOS will soon launch in the Chrome address bar, to allow you to easily Clear Browsing Data, Open Incognito Tab or Set Chrome as Default Browser, based on words typed.

Google says the next Chrome iOS release with the features above are slated to launch “in the coming weeks”.