Google’s Built-In Timer Has Mysteriously Been Removed

For years, users have been able to gain access to an easy and straightforward way to set a timer thanks to Google. Its built-in timer within the Google search engine enabled users to simply search and set a timer. However, this feature has mysteriously vanished and it appears as though it was not intentional.

Google’s built-in time enabled users to head to the search engine and complete a search query to set up a timer. For example, if I needed a 45-minute timer, I could simply type in “set 45-minute timer” and Google would handle the rest. The same would go for the built-in stopwatch. Now, searching for either brings up a laundry list of third-party apps and websites providing timer and stopwatch features.

It’s certainly not the end of the world as even a smartphone provides the same features. However, its interesting that not even Google formally announced the feature’s departure. According to SEORoundTable, the first reports of this began surfacing last month. Some users began noticing the feature was missing and took to social media.

It wasn’t long after that Google’s public search liaison Danny Sullivan acknowledged the issue on July 20th. In response to a tweet, Sullivan said “I’ll check on it.” Days later, Sullivan followed up and confirmed an investigation was still in the works.

From the sounds of it, Google may be experiencing a bug. It’s likely that the feature is plagued by an issue that may require some investigation and time to iron out. Otherwise, it is a strange circumstance to see Google remove these features from its search engine for no apparent reason.

Google’s built-in search timer first launched in 2013. It’s since become a go-to for those in a pinch and in need of a timer while navigating a browser. Here’s hoping this little feature returns to us soon.