Grand Tour Toronto Films iPhone App & Giveaway!

Before I get into the details of this App, I’ll need to let you know that I worked with the developers on this one to help them with what sort of info should be included in a great City Guide that highlights the Toronto International Film Festival. Being an avid movie fan myself, I’m attending 24 screenings in the 11 days of the festival this year. The developers reached out to me to ask “what info would you like to see in an iPhone App” for the Fest.

My knee-jerk reaction was “ANY!”, since Blackberry is an official sponsor, TIFF doesn’t put out an app for the iPhone (what a damn shame), so any venue, movie, schedule or tips available in iPhone App form would be welcome. It was a great pleasure of mine to bring together my two favorite things in the world, iPhone Apps and TIFF.

Grand Tour Toronto is at its heart, a unique iPhone Travel Guide for the City of Toronto. What it offers is local info about great sights, neighborhoods, helpful facts and tips, as well as a host of helpful information for anyone coming into town for the Film Festival, or otherwise. What it isn’t is a hotel and restaurant guide, you won’t get boring reviews of where to stay, or what to do. There are much better Apps for that, this is something different.

What I’m going to highlight here is the inclusion of lots of really helpful info about the Toronto International Film Festival (aka TIFF), which this year is from September 9th – 19th.

Grand Tour Toronto is the only iPhone App that offers venue address info, and offline map, for every one of the TIFF locations, along with helpful tips (from Yours Truly), links to the official TIFF blog, twitter feed, and schedule info. There’s a full list of each of the movies, listed by Programme, and a great “Don’t Panic” section featuring phone numbers and other emergency info.

This is the only iPhone App with so much TIFF info packed inside. Not to mention all the other detailed local info about Toronto that these guys researched and put in – you really need to check out the iTunes Description to understand how feature-rich this thing is.

If you’re headed to the Film Festival this year, this is a must-have App. If you’re traveling to Toronto anytime soon, you should look into it too. It’s only $1.99 on the Canadian or US iTunes Store. Also there will be an update in the next couple of days, right before the fest!

I have been bestowed A BUNCH OF PROMO CODES* to provide to our readers. If you’re interested, follow me on Twitter (@ChantelleJoytwt), or comment below as I’ll be randomly giving them away between now and Thursday!

*Promo Codes can only be redeemed on the US iTunes App Store – So only enter the contest if you have a US iTunes Account. (Here’s our guide on how to Get a US iTunes Account, in Canada, without a Credit Card)

Oh, did I mention I’ll be blogging daily from the Festival? 😀

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