Hamilton Conservation Authority Tries to Lure Pokemon Go Players to their Parks


The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is trying to lure Pokemon Go players to their local parks with a new web page. The web page reads:

“Grab your mobile phone and some poké balls to hunt for Pokémon in our conservation parks. Try your luck at finding Pikachu.”

In addition, the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) has also been dropping lures to get players to visit one of their parks in the Glen Morris-area. The GRCA and HCA can take advantage of such promotional opportunities because there are so many Pokemon located within their parks.

Conservation authorities have been encouraging people to play the game in their parks by posting to social media, creating web campaign and web pages to advertise the existence of Pokemon in their green spaces.

However, conservation authorities are not the only publicly-funded agencies trying to use Pokemon Go as a strategic marketing tool. Hamilton city officials have proposed putting free Wi-Fi at Gage Park to draw players to the park and accommodate existing ones.

[via CBC]