Hamilton Man Gets Teeth Knocked Out as Thieves Steal His iPhone

CBC News reports a man was assaulted then robbed of his wallet and iPhone in Hamilton  early Wednesday morning, near Wilson Street around 1:30 a.m, outside a convenience store:

Two males approached the victim and commented on his clothing. Then they hit him in the mouth and knocked out some of his teeth, police say.

The two females ran to get help from the two males in the store. The thieves took the victim’s wallet and iPhone and ran.

The suspects are described by police as males aged 17 to 20, wore red clothing and another had “chunky” glasses (a.k.a. hipster?). Anyone with info can call police at 905-546-3833.

Smartphone theft continues to be a growing problem. The victim’s iPhone should be protected by the Activation Lock feature in iOS, which means if the phone is ever restored, it will require an iTunes password to be activated. The stolen phone’s IMEI should also be submitted to the national cellphone blacklist program.