Here’s the Revamped Apple Services, Stores and iCloud Status Page [PIC]

Apple has updated their status page for various services, stores and iCloud. The new layout makes it much easier to see what services (a total of 36 are detailed) have issues via green and amber icons.

There is also more specific information related to each service from Apple. For example, under Services there are individual indicators for Apple ID, Game Center, Maps, iMessage, iChat and FaceTime to name a few.

icloud status page

Under Stores, we see the App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Online Store plus others listed, while under iCloud we see indicators for Mail, Photo Stream, Contacts, Reminders, Notes and more. You’re going to be able to clearly see what products are suffering from outages.

Down at the bottom, a new detailed timeline notes which services experienced an outage plus there’s a new scrollable timeline. Today, some iCloud mail users suffered an outage for about 20 minutes in the morning as you can see below:

icloud status timeline

Compare this to the old system status page, which was first seen a year ago:

As more and more iOS users start to rely on iCloud services such as iMessage, Apple looks to ensure transparency for outages (like what we’ve recently seen with iMessage) and this revamped status page is a start.

[via The Next Web]