AirTag Hermès Key Ring Currently Unavailable to Purchase From Apple

All three versions of the AirTag Hermès Key Ring are currently unavailable to purchase from Apple and Hermès. The reasoning behind the products being pulled from the digital storefronts is still unknown. It was first discovered that the AirTag Hermès Key Ring is unavailable according to 9to5Mac‘s report.

On Apple’s website, there are three different tags designed for Apple’s AirTag. These range from the AirTag Hermès Key Ring to the AirTag Hermès Bag Charm, and the AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag. Each one is available in three colour options. The same goes for

However, every option no matter the SKU is currently unavailable to purchase. Even when navigating to the Hermès website, the products are unavailable to purchase.

Apple nor Hermès have indicated why the products are unavailable. One could wonder if a sudden hit on inventory has impacted the availability. The 9to5Mac report speculates that the products may have been pulled due to quality concerns. According to a reader from the outlet, they purchased a Hermès Key Ring and it fell apart in their pocket.

The individual contacted AppleCare and was directed to take it into an Apple Store for a replacement or a refund. Upon arriving, they were told that Apple did not have any available stock. The only options left were to accept a refund or go to Hermès directly. 

Of course, one defective product does not mean that Apple and Hermès pulled the products from digital shelves. However, a possible known quality issue may play a part. We’ll have to see whether or not the AirTag Hermès Key Ring products return in a short time.