Hijab and Breastfeeding Emojis Among 52 New Designs for 2017

Pretty much everyone uses emojis these days, and they have become an essential part of pretty much every text conversation. Users know it, tech companies know it too, so it’s no surprise there’s such a growing interest in improving them in coming updates.


EmojiPedia has published a shortlist of 51 new emojis that are supposed to be included in Unicode 10, which should go live in mid-2017 and then adopted by the majority of companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, which will all make them available on their devices.

The new emoji pack includes faces that haven’t been seen before, such as a giraffe, pretzel, vampire, bearded man, soda/milkshake, breastfeeding, a “shhh” face, pie, starry-eyed face, woman in hijab and zebra, as the aforementioned source notes. The screenshots you see here show only proposed designs, so they could change before they go live.

It goes without saying that faces are the most popular emojis at the moment, but the Emoji Consortium says that food types are also growing, and this is one of the reasons why they’re working to also introduce broccoli, coconut, and sandwich.

“Just as the baby emoji is not currently gendered, additions for child, adult, and older adult are on this list as non-gendered equivalents of the boy/girl, man/woman and older man/older woman,” they add.

Any emojis that you’d like to see in future updates?