How To Downgrade iOS 7 Beta To iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 [Tutorial]


For those who have upgraded their devices to iOS 7 but are looking to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3 on their iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5, iPhone 4 or iOS 6.1.4 on their iPhone 5, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so (via RedmondPie). Like always, remember to back up your data using iTunes before starting the process.

Step 1:

First of all, download iOS 6.1.3 if you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPod touch 5, or download iOS 6.1.4 if you’re downgrading an iPhone 5.

Step 2:

Now connect your device to the computer using the USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step 3:

On the screen where you have “Check for Update” and “Restore” options, click on “Restore” while holding down the option key on a Mac or shift key on Windows.

Step 4:

Now browse and select the download iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 .IPSW file and click OK.

Step 5:

Once the restore process is finished, you’ll have iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 running on your device.

That’s it, enjoy!