How to Get your iPhone 5 Tracking Number via UPS

As most iPhone 5 pre-orders from Apple for factory unlocked units have entered the “Preparing for shipment” phase, it’s a matter of time before we’ll receive our tracking numbers, most likely by tomorrow.

Here’s a tried, tested and true method of obtaining your tracking number from UPS. It’s what has worked since the days of the iPhone 3G, and worked last year for the iPhone 4S too. Check it out:

1. Visit
2. Click on the TRACKING tab up top
3. Click on ‘TRACK BY REFERENCE’–>SHIPMENT REFERENCE: enter your phone number in 1112223333 format.
4. Select ‘Canada’ as the Destination Country, and enter your postal code in A1A 1A1 format. Click track.

This doesn’t work as of this very minute for my order, but as orders start shipping from China (in the next 24 hours), we’ll find out soon.

Be sure to let us know via email or twitter if your unlocked iPhone 5 has shipped!