How to Identify 1.1.2 iPhone Firmware from an Apple Store

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I’ve received a few emails asking about whether or not 1.1.3 firmware iPhones have hit the store shelves in US Apple stores. Well, what I can tell you is that the 1.1.2 iPhones are selling fast in the USA. This is a trend that you will usually see after every iPhone firmware update. For all you Canadians out there heading down to the US to buy an iPhone from an Apple store, pay attention!!

Anyways, let’s take a look down memory lane, to recap how to check out firmware version of your new iPhone by looking at the serial number. Here’s a recap from the post:

Sealed (Unopened) iPhone

A typical iPhone Serial number: 8T751XYZWH8 <<—- see the 51 in bold?

Using the above as an example

  • digits 4 to 5 (in this case, 51) = Week of manufacture —> You want these numbers to say 51 or 52 for 1.1.2 iPhones

The consensus online is that week 51 and 52 iPhones are still on 1.1.2 firmware, which means you can buy them safely and unlock them with a “SIM” solution. How to perfect the art of checking the serial, while inside an Apple store?

How to Check an iPhone Serial Number in an Apple Store

I got this idea from mixre from the Hackint0sh forums. Visit your local Apple store in the USA. Once you’re in the store, ask to buy an iPhone. DO NOT ask about the firmware versions! Just act natural like you have no clue about unlocking iPhones. Before you finalize the transaction, inquire if there is a 10% restocking fee for returning unopened iPhones, say, for example you change your mind.

If they mention there is no restocking fee, buy the iPhone. Walk away from the counter, THEN check your iPhone’s serial using the identifying methods above! This is a great way to bypass any problems you may inquire from Apple employees. So there you have it. Canadians…play it calm and cool out there when you’re buying your iPhone. Get a 1.1.2 while you still can! Good luck!!! Let me know if it works out for you!

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