How would you like your tea?

Tea connoisseurs, your worries are over! The Godfather of steeping has arrived. 

Browsing through the Utilities category of the app store, I stumbled across Snappy Touch’s Tea Time!:  a jovial, simple application that delivers all it promises for just $0.99 (an appropriate price).

Whether you’re looking for black, green, white, oolong or herbal (though technically not a tea – herbal infusions are made with anything but tea bush leaves), Tea Time! provides all the useful temperatures for the user’s desired strength with it’s attractive, easy-to -use interface.


Tea Time! also allows users to select between two tea formats:  loose leaf and bag – which is great because there is a significant difference in preparation between them.

Another great feature of Tea Time! is the choice to use either Celsius or Fahrenheit to display the appropriate temperature.

Lastly, for the users who don’t like to venture out into the wild, Tea Time! remembers the settings for the last recorded cup, so the is no brain-wracking trying to remember what settings provided the perfect cup of tea.


If my subtle praise hasn’t made it clear, I highly recommend Tea Time! for tea (or herbal infusion) lovers.