Huawei Seeks Quick Resolution of the Case of its Executive’s Arrest in Canada

While speaking to the media on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos today, Huawei’s Chairman Liang Hua said that his company wants a swift resolution to the ongoing case of its former finance chief Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in Canada for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions on Iran (via Reuters).

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“We are following this issue closely but haven’t had direct contact with the authorities. We will call for a quick conclusion for Ms. Meng so that Ms. Meng can have her personal freedom,” said Mr. Hua. Although the accused was released on bail last month, an extradition request has not yet been filed.

The federal government is currently conducting a security review of 5G networks, and is expected to release a decision on whether Huawei equipment will be banned, like its allies the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Allegations are Huawei could be an espionage threat to national security, given Chinese laws could compel the company to turn over information.

Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., David MacNaughton, recently said in an interview that the United States has told Canada it will request Meng’s extradition but has not said when it will do so.

“We operate our business globally, and in every country, we fully comply with local laws and regulations,” Liang said, adding the company welcomed requests to see the tech giant’s product development business as well as other units.

“We don’t see any evidence … to say that Huawei is not safe. Cybersecurity is a common challenge. It is not an issue about any single company,” he said. “It’s customers’ choice if they don’t choose Huawei, and for the customers who choose us, we will focus on providing better services,” Liang said.

The deadline for filing an extradition request is Jan. 30 and Meng is due to appear in court in Vancouver on Feb. 6.