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Apple’s Updated iCloud Pricing Goes Live in Canada and Beyond

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Apple’s updated iCloud pricing is now live in Canada and beyond, with its revised tiers charging less per month, however, the 200 GB plan for $3.99 remained the same.

How to upgrade or downgrade your iCloud storage? Just go to:

Settings > iCloud > Storage > Change Storage Plan

Yesterday Apple unveiled their Canadian prices for iCloud storage, starting at $1.29/month for 50 GB of storage.

IMG 0346 IMG 0344 2

Again, this is Apple’s explanation of their updated iCloud storage plans and how you will be affected:

If you purchased a monthly plan before September 16, 2015, your account was upgraded automatically. If you’re currently on an annual plan, you’ll continue to renew annually at that rate. If you select a new monthly plan, your annual plan won’t be available to you.

Apple states if there are any issues with your upgrade, you can contact support with 15 days for a refund.

What iCloud storage plan are you on right now?

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