iClueless: iPhone Search Portal Extraordinaire

When you’re in a hurry and you need to find something, Google can be your best friend. But what about if you need to search Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Answers.com, ESPN, Amazon, Flickr, IMDb, TMZ, Dictionary, or weather, news, movies, and stocks? Normally you need to type in the website or Google to get quick access. That has all changed because now you can go to one website for your search needs: iClueless

iClueless is from the makers of iPhoneRingToneMaker, makers of a small application to put ringtones on your iPhone. After using iClueless for a couple days, I must say the website is very clear and easy to use. Definitely a must-bookmark website if you’re using an iPhone or iPod Touch! Just visit www.iclueless.com on your iPhone!

Check out the following screenshot from my iPhone…


Thanks to JustAnotheriPhoneBlog for the heads up!

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