IKEA Trådfri Smart Lighting HomeKit Support Delayed Yet Again


Back in August, IKEA announced that its Trådfri smart lighting products are getting support for Apple HomeKit, but quickly retracted the advice when word spread online. Now, the company has once again backtracked on its claim of adding Apple HomeKit support, soon after rolling out an update to its smart lighting system, according to German tech blog SmartDroid (via MacRumors). 

“IKEA began rolling out an update yesterday to owners to bring support for Apple’s smart home platform as well as Amazon Alexa, only for the company to announce on its blog that many users were reporting “technical difficulties” in getting the connectivity to work. 

This is the second time IKEA has had to apologize to Trådfri owners waiting for HomeKit compatibility.”

IKEA debuted its affordable range of home lighting products in March this year, which included LED bulbs, illuminated panels, a motion sensor kit, a gateway kit, and dimming lights. However, the system so far only relies on IKEA’s wireless hardware controllers and switches, or the IKEA companion app. 

The company has been promising Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa support since May, but has repeatedly failed to deliver. For now, IKEA says there is still no working support for HomeKit and Alexa, and has apologized for the inconvenience while it works on another update that fixes the problem.