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iMac With Built-In VESA Mount Adapter Now Available in the Apple Store

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If you’re in the market for an iMac, then we have good news for you: Apple has just updated its online store and now offers the new iMac with a built-in VESA mount adapter, which adds only $40 to the total cost.


First spotted by the German Apple blog iFun (Via AppleInsider), the new addition is a welcome move from Apple for users who already invested in the mounting standard.

The new iMac was unveiled back in October, and shortly afterwards it was discovered that standard VESA mounts don’t support the redesigned new model. Apple was quick to respond to unsatisfied customers who invested in the VESA mounts, saying it will consider adding the capability, without specifying any timeframe.

However, the update isn’t advertised on the main page of the store. You will need to access, the store, click “Shop Mac” and choose iMac. A link will appear at the bottom of the iMac configuration description, which will lead to iMacs with built-in VESA mount adapters.

The special configuration models are available for sale now with shipping estimated at 7-10 days.

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