Apple Calls Imagination Technologies’ Statements ‘Inaccurate and Misleading’

Apple has apparently taken issue with Imagination Technologies statements against it, and now says that the GPU maker knew that Apple was cutting back on its technologies since 2015, well before the news went public last spring.

In a statement issued to Bloomberg on Friday, Apple says that the chip designer’s response has been “inaccurate and misleading,” and presents a very different timeline of events.

While Imagination disclosed in April a warning from Apple that it would cease to be a customer within two years, Apple told Bloomberg that it first issued a warning as far back as 2015.

“We began working with Imagination in 2007 and stopped accepting new IP from them in 2015. After lengthy discussions we advised them on February 9 that we expected to wind down our licensing agreement since we need unique and differentiating IP for our products,” Apple told Bloomberg. “We valued our past relationship and wanted to give them as much notice as possible to adapt their future plans.”

The British chipmaker said Tuesday that it was still in dispute with Apple. In May, the company said it had started dispute resolution proceedings with Apple over issues relating to intellectual property.

The company said it believes it would be “extremely challenging” for Apple to “design a brand new GPU architecture from basics without infringing its intellectual property (IP) rights.”

The news today has caused Imagination’s shares to fall as much as eight percent. Additionally, the heightened dispute with its biggest client could be difficult for any future buyers to stomach, as Imagination in June put itself up for sale following Apple’s move.