iMovie Running On An iPhone 3GS

When Apple announced the iPhone at WWDC earlier this month, the company also revealed a new app called iMovie. The app, $4.99 in the App Store, is essentially a scaled-down version of the Mac desktop variant and was exclusive to the iPhone 4.

The primary reason behind making the iMovie app an iPhone 4 exclusive was due to the lack of speed or RAM found in the iPhone 3GS. Well, it is safe to say that is no longer, and probably never, the case.

As seen in the video below, iMovie has been (unofficially) ported to the iPhone 3GS and runs “almost perfectly”. The video shows the iMovie app running very quickly and smoothly on the iPhone 3GS, which clearly indicates that the iPhone 3GS hardware is good enough.

To get iMovie on the iPhone 3GS requires some file modification and violating Apple DRM. In other words, it is not the easiest thing to do. However, it is good news that the iPhone 3GS does have enough RAM to run an intensive app such as iMovie.

[Redmond Pie]