Instagram’s 2018 Year in Review Highlights Trends from Around the World

In its 2018 year in review, Instagram has highlighted some interesting trends from the year and all the different ways Instagram’s global community used to creatively express themselves.

The social platform saw the heart emoji being used in Feed comments over 14 billion times during the year. Moreover, Disneyland Tokyo was apparently the happiest place in the world with the highest use of the smile emoji in the caption.


The Heart Love Sticker by Aratawas the most-used Giphy sticker in Stories, while Heart Eyes was the most-used Face Filter in Stories. The smash hit game Fortnite also saw immense growth on Instagram with #fortnite being the fastest growing hashtag globally in 2018.

The biggest viral dance challenge of the year was also born on Instagram, with #inmyfeelingschallenge, which included everyone from @theshiggyshow to @willsmith, coming in at number 1.

Millions of people used Instagram to make their voices heard in 2018. The year’s top advocacy hashtags were #metoo(1.5 million), #timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K), demonstrating that Instagram can be a powerful platform for people to speak out and bring light to meaningful causes.

Here’s a quick rundown of Instagram’s 2018 year in review:

  • Most Used Face Filter in Instagram Stories: Heart Eyes
  • Most Used Giphy Sticker on Instagram Stories: Heart Love Sticker by Arata
  • Number of times ‘heart’ emoji was used in comments: 14 billion
  • Happiest Geotagged Location in the World (highest use of ‘smile’ emoji in the caption): Disneyland Tokyo
  • Top Niche Community Trend: ASMR
  • Highest Growth Hashtag Community: #fortnite
  • Top Fandom Community: BTS (#btsarmy)
  • Top Dance Movement: #inmyfeelingschallenge
  • Top Advocacy Hashtags: #metoo (1.5 million), #timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K)