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Top Canadian Instagram Accounts to Follow for Earth Day

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Earth Day coming April 22, and will be celebrated by over 193 countries and over a billion people worldwide, all with goals to make living greener on our planet.

Earth day canada

Facebook has shared with iPhone in Canada some of the top Canadians Instagram accounts to follow, related to Earth Day. According to Instagram, these users “highlight Canada’s natural beauty, as well as gain a better understanding of the many conservation efforts happening across the country.”

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  1. Paul Zizka:
  2. Paul Nicklen:
  3. John E Marriott:
  4. Rebecca Simrose:
  5. Sea Legacy:
  6. Environment and Climate Change Canada:
  7. Ocean’s Initiative:
  8. Ian McAllister:
  9. Chris Istace:
  10. Nicole & Colby:

Earlier this month, Instagram launched ‘Direct’, which now allows for videos and photos to disappear within direct messages.

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