Instagram to Require Users to Add Their Birthday to Keep Using the App

Instagram birthdays

Instagram has announced today they are starting to require people to share their birthdays if they haven’t done so previously, in an effort to protect younger users.

“This information allows us to create new safety features for young people, and helps ensure we provide the right experiences to the right age group,” said an Instagram spokesperson in an email to iPhone in Canada.

When you open Instagram, it’ll ask you for your birthday. If you don’t do so, notifications over time will remind you in order to keep using the app.

For Instagram posts that might be sensitive or graphic, a warning screen will be placed and you’ll need to enter your birthday if you haven’t already.

Instagram says they are “in the early stages of developing new systems” to allow people to change their incorrect birthdays. Future menu options will allow Instagram to let know if someone has entered an age beyond their actual birthday.