Instagram Updates Features Universal QR Code For Individual Profiles

Instagram has rolled out an update to its mobile app which adds support to universal QR codes for individual profiles. This will enable users to quickly share their profiles through any camera app capable of scanning QR codes.

Until now, users who wanted to share their profiles with others had to share their QR codes to be scanned through Instagram’s camera. According to 9to5Mac, Instagram’s latest update now enables all camera apps that support the ability to scan QR codes to be able to scan Instagram’s QR profile codes.

To access your QR code, you must go into Instagram’s settings and select ‘QR Code’. This effectively replaces the old ‘Nametag’ system Instagram had in place. Nametags were a unique proprietary code that could only be scanned using Instagram’s camera.

Sharing QR codes between users to find each other’s profiles may not be the most pragmatic way of following one another. However, the QR code is more catered to businesses. Instagram has launched this feature in Japan in 2019. The idea is to encourage businesses to print out their QR code so customers can easily scan it and begin following the profile and access relevant information.

It’s not too surprising to see Instagram leverage QR codes within its platform. During the pandemic, more businesses such as restaurants have embraced QR codes to replace menus or to direct customers to its website. Instagram’s universal QR code feature could benefit businesses even more as consumers and staff refrain from contact.

To ensure you have access to the feature, update the Instagram app on your mobile device.