Insurance Bureau of Canada and Kennebecasis Police to Fight Distracted Driving

Kennebecasis police

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force (KRPF) in New Brunswick have announced a collaboration to combat distracted driving at the station.

The partnership includes a donation of the IBC desktop driving simulator for the campaign, which seeks to “educate youth on the dangers of distracted driving, without the risk of being on the road.”

“Driver distraction remains a significant factor in collisions on our roads,” said Amanda Dean, Vice-President, Atlantic, IBC, in a press release. “The bottom line is that these collisions are preventable. That is why we are delighted to support KRPF in their efforts to take this important message to the young drivers of New Brunswick.”

The campaign will see school visits to the KRPF station starting this fall to discuss and educate youth on the dangers of distracted driving, while students will be able to experience first hand what the consequences and dangers of texting behind the wheel are like, in a safe environment, via the simulator.

According to the IBC, data shows a distracted driver is “23 times more likely to crash” compared to a non-distracted driver on the road.

“The KRPF is delighted to be partnering with the Insurance Bureau of Canada on this initiative,” said Wayne Gallant, Chief, KRPF, in a statement. “This new tool will be a great educational aid for our department in informing our youth about the dangers of distracted driving in a way that is compelling and real for me. I thank IBC for their partnership and support of this initiative.”

Distracted driving penalties in New Brunswick include a $172.50 fine and loss of three demerit points, while consequences are harsher if an offence results in injury or death.