Here’s an Interactive Map of Apple’s Worldwide Supply Chain [PIC]

Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Progress Reports have long contained the names and locations of its worldwide supply chain partners. In order to get a better visual of how Apple sources parts from all over the world, TeaLeafNation and ChinaFile (via AppleInsider) collaborated with the most recent data to create a pretty cool interactive map.

Although the majority of Apple products show “Made in China”, the reality is most parts are sourced from supplier factories located throughout the region including Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Singapore. But looking at the entire map as a whole, it’s clear Apple’s supply chain touches most major economic centres around the globe.

Screen Shot 2013 02 16 at 6 22 43 PM

The interactive map utilizes Google Maps so it’s really easy to click and zoom in to find out the exact company and location of suppliers. As for the idea of putting this all into a map, David Barreda, photo editor for ChinaFile told AppleInsider “displaying it visually lets readers see it another way, hopefully a more tangible, real way.” Definitely worth checking out.