iOS 11 Will Help Mitigate Burn-In on iPhone X OLED Display

Apple’s upcoming iPhone X has a lot of exciting features, but one of the most prominent will be the edge-to-edge OLED display. While OLED displays are certainly not new to the smartphone market, Apple has been rather slow to adopt it to its own smartphone line.

There are some drawbacks to OLED displays, though, but Apple is seemingly doing all it can to minimize them. According to data unearthed by 9to5Mac, data strings from the leaked iOS 11 GM suggests the new operating system will include software capable of mitigating burn-in.

For those unfamiliar, burn-in occurs when an image remains on a display for so long that it remains stuck there. Though not as much of an issue now, it used to be a huge problem for plasma TVs.

There’s no indication as to how Apple plans to actually mitigate screen burn-in, but it seems like iPhone X users will not have to worry about it.

After all, given how long it took Apple to finally go the OLED route, it’s a safe bet that Apple has come up with ways to address most of the shortcomings of OLED that prevented the adoption of the technology earlier.

The iPhone X is set to be unveiled at Apple’s media event tomorrow. Apple’s next-gen smartphone is said to feature improved battery life, wireless charging, 3GB of RAM, and new front-facing 3D sensors to allow for much-improved facial recognition.