iOS 13 Beta Code Reveals New Wired Method for Data Transfer

As spotted by the folks over at 9to5Mac, a closer look at iOS 13 beta 3 code suggests that Apple may be working on a new method of transferring data between devices. It seems Apple is testing a way to transfer data from one iOS device to another, directly using a Lightning cable.


As you can see in the above asset image extracted from the latest iOS 13 beta, two iPhones are shown connected to each other using a cable. However, it remains unclear how Apple plans to achieve this since all existing iPhones feature a Lightning port and Apple does not offer a Lightning-to-Lightning cable.

We tried to make the new transfer options appear on a device running iOS 13 developer beta 3 by resetting the device and doing the setup process manually, but no new options showed up. It’s possible that the new data transfer methods are not ready yet or are being worked on for unreleased devices.

iOS 13 is currently available to test for free through Apple’s public beta program.