iOS 4.3 Coming in Mid-December?

The rumour mill is in full swing about Apple’s plans to release iOS 4.3 in mid-December. iOS 4.2.1 was released yesterday, later than many had anticipated when Apple announced their November release date.

News Corp has been working with Apple to create an iPad-only newspaper that will be pushed daily to your iPad (for only 99 cents/week!). The rumours are that an Apple Event will announce this breakthrough newspaper in mid-December on the 9th (according to Gruber, who usually has some solid sources), and could also possibly coincide with the announcement of iOS 4.3.

Rumours are that iOS 4.3 was slated for a mid-December release anyways, as Apple typically releases minor firmware updates to address bugs a month later or so.

The latest issue people are having is the inability to stream iPhone 4 HD video via AirPlay to Apple TV, as right now it’s audio only. Other problems include missing music from their iPhone.

It’s inevitable that iOS 4.3 will be on the way shortly. I don’t see it coming in late December as that’ll be Christmas, so the discussion of an early December release seems the most plausible right now, along with an event to announce The Daily iPad newspaper. Could Apple be leading the way to save the declining newspaper industry?

Have you had any issues with your iOS 4.2.1 upgrade?

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