iOS 5 To Bring Major Revamp, Released Fall 2011?

With iPhone 5, and iOS 5, on the horizon, TechCrunch reports that Apple may not be releasing the next major version of iOS alongside new iPhone hardware in June/July. Instead, speculation puts iOS 5 to a fall release with an unveiling at WWDC 2011.

If the next major iOS is being pushed to the fall, this could mean that Apple may forgo its usual April media event to introduce new iOS updates. This event also gives developers a few months to develop apps before an iPhone refresh.

According to sources of the report, iOS 5 will be a major update that will bring long-rumored cloud-based hosting services for music, videos, and photos. The firmware is also speculated to deliver new location-based services.

The report reveals no iPhone 5 information and whether an iPhone refresh could be pushed back to the fall to coincide with the rumored iOS 5 release.

Most users expect Apple to follow its typical June/July iPhone release cycle. However, if this iOS fall release rumor is true, the next iPhone could launch with iOS 4 and then be updated to iOS 5 in the following months.

It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out. Stay tuned!