iOS 6 To Adopt OS X Mountain Lion Features Including Mail VIPs, Safari iCloud Tabs & More

Just over a couple of days back, a report claimed that iOS 6 will not have any major UI changes or new features except from re-built core iOS apps. However, a new report published by 9to5Mac today suggests otherwise. According to ‘trusted sources’, iOS 6 will adopt some new features from upcoming OS X Mountain Lion which include iCloud Tabs support, Mail VIPs, and the much praised Notification Center’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.

Below is a brief description of new iOS 6 features:

iCloud Tabs is a feature that allows iCloud users to view a list of tabs opened in the Safari web browser across multiple iOS devices and Macs. Although previously rumored, iCloud Tabs is not a feature – in its initial implementation in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion – that syncs your entire current web browser work across devices

Another subtle, yet much requested, feature from Mountain Lion is Mail VIPs. Like in Mountain Lion, Mail VIPs in iOS 6 puts a star next to emails received from a specified group of people. VIPs assigned to iCloud accounts will sync with iCloud across iOS 6 iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, and OS X Mountain Lion Macs.

The third, and final bit, of OS X Mountain Lion in iOS 6 that we have heard about is a “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 6. […] regarded by many Mac users and news outlets as a small addition in terms of functionality, but a major enhancement in terms of user productivity. 

iOS 6 is currently scheduled to reach customers this fall, and it will also include a revamped Maps application as well as Facebook integration in addition to many more enhancements.