iOS 8 Healthbook App Interactive Demo on Virtual iPhone [VIDEO]


Apple is expected to preview its forthcoming iOS 8 at next month’s WWDC 2014 with a host of new features, including a dedicated health and fitness app widely dubbed as “Healthbook”, which is believed to feature cards for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Rate, Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and so on, in a UI similar to the current Passbook app. In the light of all these alleged reports, designer Jayaprasad Mohanan has imagined what the Healthbook app may look like (via BGR).

Mohanan has basically created a webpage based out of all these rumours, showing the Healthbook app running on an interactive virtual iPhone. The app is supposed to collect health and fitness data and display the information on the iPhone in a similar manner as Apple’s Passbook iOS app shows tickets, coupons or boarding passes. According to this concept, the Healthbook app would also deliver notifications, such as medication reminders.

You can check out the interactive virtual iPhone webpage and try out Healthbook here. Also, here’s a video showing the iOS 8 Healthbook app concept: