iOS Devices Account For 3.5% of Web Traffic in Canada and 2% Globally

The latest survey from Net Applications over worldwide browser market-share has resulted in some very interesting results. Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) now generate over 2% of global web browsing traffic.

iOS devices account for 3.6% of web traffic in Canada, and is the most popular in Singapore and Hong Kong at 9.98% and 6.01% respectively. iOS web traffic in the United States rings in at 3.4%. I think it’s clear that Canadians, along with the rest of the world loves using iOS to surf the web. Android only accounts for 0.49%.

Check out the rest of the web marketshare in the graphic below (Windows dominates at 89.7%; Mac OS is only at 5.25%):

Think about your web surfing habits each day. How often do you use an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) to surf the web?

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