Developer Says Apple Should Enable iPhones, iPads as Webcams for Macs


Developer Matthew Cassinelli has suggested in a tweet that Apple should enable all iPhones and iPads as webcams for Macs so that people can immediately have high-quality multi-camera setups with great audio using just their iOS devices and AirPods.

Cassinelli argues that the feature would offer ultra-wide studio setups at homes as well as the ability to switch scenes using an Apple Watch.

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In response to a user asking what is preventing him from making a video call on devices with a superior camera while using the Mac, here’s what he said:


1. Being able to buy a webcam today
2. Being able to afford a webcam in additional room a phone
3. Multicam. It’s in the tweet – multiple viewing angles at the same time or switching between them
4. Not being able to see your screen when using the rear camera or control it

If Apple does enable the feature, it could give users more reasons to buy their equipment, upgrade their devices, and invest in their ecosystem. What do you guys think?