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iOS Downloads and Revenue Grew by Over 50% on Christmas [Analysis]

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Latest data from app analytics company Distimo has revealed that iOS app downloads and the amount of revenue generated grew by over 50% during Christmas day this year, The Next Web reports. The research numbers show that app downloads rose by 53%, while the amount of revenue increased by 56% as compared to an average day in December.


While the numbers are surely quite impressive, the percentages are however lower when compared to previous years. The research firm notes that in 2011, there was a threefold growth in app downloads on Christmas day compared to an average day in December, and last year the number of downloads almost doubled while revenue rose by 70%. The rate of revenue increase was however larger this year than the growth rate for downloads.

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“Main contributors to this year’s Christmas spike were Western countries. For example: download volume in the United Kingdom increased by 161 percent on Christmas day. In addition, revenues in United States almost doubled with a plus of 97 percent in the Apple App Store. In the large Asian app markets like Japan and Korea this trend was hardly visible.”

Another noteworthy fact is that the increase in paid downloads was higher than the increase in free downloads on Christmas day this year.

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