iPhone 14 Out of Warranty Repairs Cost Up to $919 in Canada

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It’s getting more expensive to fix the latest iPhones out of warranty, if you don’t have AppleCare+. According to Apple’s iPhone Repair website, costs have risen for out-of-warranty damage for this year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

To fix an iPhone 14 Plus Max with “other damage” outside of your standard one-year warranty, it will cost $919 in Canada. For iPhone 14 Pro it can cost $849 and for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, $719.

iPhone 14 – Other damage (out of warranty):

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max – $919 CAD
  • iPhone 14 Pro – $849 CAD
  • iPhone 14 Plus – n/a (October)
  • iPhone 14  – $719 CAD

Compared to last year’s iPhone 13 line up, costs have risen substantially, up 18% for the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max. Increased prices likely reflect the current economic climate with inflation at record-highs everywhere.

iphone 14 out of warranty repair

Just looking at cracked front screen repair estimates, an iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $499 in Canada. But if you have AppleCare+, Apple says it will cost $39.

AppleCare+ this year now includes unlimited accidental damage incidents, which will cost you $129 per incident. Previously, this was limited to two incidents. AppleCare+ starts at $199 CAD per year for the iPhone 14, or customers can opt to pay the monthly fee starting at $9.99/month, which keeps the extended warranty service going on forever, as long as you keep paying.