iPhone 14 Pricing to Reportedly Start at $799 USD, Claims Rumour

According to an anonymous leaker with a mixed history of accurate Apple leaks, this year’s base model iPhone 14 will carry the same $799 USD starting price as last year’s iPhone 13 (via MacRumors).

User “yeux1122” said on the Korean blog Naver that Apple won’t raise the price of its upcoming entry-level iPhone despite increasing production costs, supply chain headwinds, and an expected slowdown in the global smartphone market.

The leaker said the decision was made “at the top executive level.” They also claimed the information came from a “major U.S. financial institution” with a track record for accuracy.

If the rumour ends up bearing fruit, 2022 will mark the third year in a row that Apple’s base model flagship has launched at a starting price of $799 USD.

Of course, the starting price for the lineup as a whole might change this year since Apple is reportedly planning to replace the cheaper “mini” model with a larger-screened (and higher-priced) version of the base iPhone 14. Last year, the iPhone 13 mini launched for $100 less than the 6.1-inch iPhone 13.

This year’s iPhone lineup is expected to comprise a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 “Max,” a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The base model iPhone 14 and its larger-screened sibling will have the same design, rear cameras, and processor as last year’s iPhone 13 family. They will still get a performance uplift, and maybe even a display upgrade, though.

However, Apple is supposedly reserving the bulk of this year’s upgrades for its “Pro” models to make them stand out more. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will feature a new “hole + pill” cutout on the front to replace the oft-criticized display notch, a larger, 48-megapixel camera array on the rear, Apple’s new A16 Bionic chip under the hood, and more.

Most businesses out there are ramping up prices to boost revenue, but it looks like Apple doesn’t want to go that route just yet. Last week, the tech giant reported a June quarter revenue record of $82.96 billion with a net income of $19.44 billion.

iPhone 13 pricing in Canada starts at $949 for the 128GB iPhone 13 mini, and from $1,399 for the iPhone 13 Pro. Hopefully, iPhone 14 prices stay the same in Canada this year, otherwise, we may as well buy a new MacBook instead of a damn phone every year.

The launch of this year’s iPhone is inching ever closer — Apple should unveil the iPhone 14 sometime in September, if history repeats itself (which it likely will).