iPhone 14 Pro Max Wins DisplayMate’s ‘Best Smartphone Display Award’

The display technology experts over at DisplayMate have crowned the iPhone 14 Pro Max‘s screen the best to ever grace a smartphone, giving it their highest-ever A+ rating and “Best Smartphone Display Award.”

DisplayMate is one of the world’s leading authorities on display technology. The corporation’s reviews and reports are based on comprehensive, objective laboratory tests and extensive data.

Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, wrote the following in his extensive report on the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen:

The iPhone 14 Pro Max joins the very select Top Tier of Smartphone Displays which all provide Close to Text Book Perfect Calibration Accuracy and Performance that is Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect, so they all received and maintain Concurrent DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Awards.

This year’s “Pro” iPhone models have OLED displays with a few new tricks up their sleeves. Not only do these displays run at up to 120Hz for buttery smoothness, but they also support Always-On functionality and have a new, interactive camera cutout that Apple has named the “Display Island.”

iPhone 14 Pro’s display scored an impressive “Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect” rating in several of DisplayMate’s tests, including Absolute Colour Accuracy, Maximum Colour Shift, and Change in Peak Luminance.

“Based on our extensive Lab Tests and Measurements the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a Very Impressive Excellent Top Tier World Class Smartphone Display with close to Text Book Perfect Calibration Accuracy and Performance that is Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect,” DisplayMate’s report reads.

DisplayMate went on to laud Apple’s factory screen calibration, which the organization said boosted the OLED panel’s performance to record-setting levels. In addition, DisplayMate’s testing revealed a full-screen brightness of 1,026 nits and a peak display brightness of 2,307 nits, the latter being more than double that of last year’s iPhone 13 Pro.

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