Another Source Claims ‘iPhone 15’ May Ship Without a Physical SIM Card Slot


Last week, a report claimed that Apple is planning to remove the physical SIM card slot from its ‘iPhone 15 Pro’ models and that Apple’s iPhone 15 series releasing in 2023 will sport two eSIMs.

Today, credible Apple leaker @dylandkt has also tweeted on the same subject, noting that they are “in agreement with recent rumors regarding the removal of the physical SIM card tray”.

The tweet came after MacRumor reported its own sources cited a future iPhone would some without a SIM card slot.

Instead of a physical nano-SIM card slot found in the current generation iPhones, Apple’s iPhone 15 rwill sport two eSIMs, allowing iPhone users to continue enjoying Dual-SIM functionality and have two lines of service active on an iPhone.

The iPhone’s Dual-SIM feature is also useful for purchasing data-only plans while traveling abroad or having personal and business lines on a single device.