iPhone 4 Supply Levels in Canada: Sold Out Coast to Coast

It looks like waiting in line on iPhone 4 launch day (and even camping out overnight) has been paying dividends for early iPhone 4 adopters. As for everyone else, right now it looks like the iPhone 4 is sold out coast to coast.

People have been waiting in line outside Apple Stores in Vancouver for the iPhone 4. Even with no info about iPhone 4 units being in stock, people are still waiting in line! Even when told by Apple Store employees to “go home” people refuse to leave and go home to their families! What has Apple done to us?!

Anyways, here some tips off the top of my head to find an iPhone 4 in your area:

  • Use the power of the social networks. Search on twitter and ask if anyone in your area has found an iPhone 4 in stock. Follow @iphoneincanada for the latest news
  • Call your local Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell carrier or dealer location. They have been bombarded by calls, but calling before visiting will save you time.
  • Camp outside your local Apple Store daily and hope for the best (this method works better for those who are not working)
  • Think outside the box and call a dealer that is “off the grid”. Such stores include the wireless dealers inside Costco locations, convenience stores, or locations that are far, far away from urban centres. It’s worth a shot.
  • Check the iPhone 4 stock level threads over at the iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums. Find a thread for your area or start one. Work together with others.
  • Order an unlocked iPhone 4 online via Apple.ca. You’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to ship, but you’ll be guaranteed one.
  • Just wait it out. Supply levels will come back but it will take time. Pretend your iPhone 2G/3G/3GS is an iPhone 4. Done.
  • Check your local Craigslist, eBay, etc (thx for the reminder @remy9070!).

Rogers Confuses Customers with their Redboard iPhone 4 Update

We posted about how Rogers posted an iPhone 4 update on their Redboard. Well, it turns out their “update” was incorrect and it has confused both customers and Rogers dealers. Customers calling in have been alerted by Rogers staff that they have “no idea” what the Redboard is, and some CSR’s went as far to say the Redboard had been “hacked”.

According to @RogersKeith on twitter, he mentions that “Monday may be a better bet at many locations” since inventory is arriving at different times. Let’s see what happens next week, shall we?

What tips have worked for you to acquire an iPhone 4?