iPhone 4 Wins Smartphone of the Year at 2010 Engadget Awards

The people have voted and the results are in at Engadget’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards. The iPhone 4 took the award for Smartphone of the Year, and Display of the Year. The iPhone 4 has been hugely successful and the Retina Display is hands down the best on the market right now. The iPhone 4 also won Best Mobile Device at the 2011 Mobile World Congress.

Other notable Apple wins went to the iPad for Gadget of the Year, Portable Media Device, and Tablet PC of the Year. The Macbook Air won Laptop of the Year, and the Apple TV 2 won the Home Entertainment Device category (check out our tutorial on installing XBMC on ATV2).

What does this all mean? It means either Apple makes some incredible products, or Engadget’s readership loves Apple more than any other tech company. I think it’s the former.

You can check out the full list of winners here.