iPhone 4G Metal Plate and LCD Video Posted Online

The Columbian iPhone repair shop, Smartphone Medic has posted a hands on video of the next iPhone’s metal place, LCD, and digitizer. We know that the iPhone 4G was “leaked” by Gizmodo and with WWDC 2010 around the corner, it’s inevitable that the next iPhone is coming our way.

Leading up to new iPhone announcements, more and more people will spread stories and rumours about what’s coming out. This time around it these parts look identical to the phone “acquired” by Gizmodo. Here’s what the Smartphone Medic peeps had to say:

We have got our hands on another part of the iPhone 4G. This time it is the metal middle plate. This looks exactly like the pictures and video from Gizmodo. Check it out. We will post more videos as we get more pieces to the iPhone 4G puzzle. Tell us what you think!

Are these parts really that easy to get a hold of? Possibly, if they are not parts from the actual next iPhone. WWDC 2010 can’t come soon enough!

[Smartphone Medic]